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  • Random is a freeform Improv Show

The Théâtre de l’Oignon Company is a troupe of professional actors and musicians. Founded in 2003, they ‘re an innovative group of skillfull actors and improvisers.

Their style mingles live music and live comedy for a 100% pure spontaneous fun! They perform short and long form shows, teach and train people all around the world sharing their 20 years expertise and philosophy of improv.

They ‘re recognized all around the world for their unique style combining physicality, slow improv and pure creative Improv from the guts.  Headliner and most acclaimed show, Random looks like no other show you’ve seen and keeps touring and is taught all around the world!

Random is an improv show in the style of Pure Improv

Random is a messy playground for these grown-up children that actors are and an open window on their imaginative power.Random is a freeform Improv Show

From no suggestion, actors and musicians bring you on board into different universes, discovered in front of you, from spontaneously created scenographies.

As momentum funambulists, our improvisers walk on the edge of chaos, let their bodies be inspired by the atmosphere of the room, the music, the lights, props and settings randomly placed on stage.

Headliner at the Barcelona Improv Group Festival, Random toured in about 20 countries all over Europe and is taught, performed and spreading through the world!

The Onions present various shows and offer workshops based on a unique style they name Pure Improv!

The Onions are ready to bring their talent to your festival ! Just contact us !


Next festivals:

Past festivals :

Portugal, Espontaneo  , Sintra 2020
Belgique – L’Improviste,  Bruxelles  2020
France – L’Improvidence,  Lyon 2020
Allemagne – International Improv Fest, Wurzburg 2019
Russie –  RIIF, St Petersbourg  2019
Royaume-Uni  – Improv Festival,  Belfast  2019
France – Lyon Improv Fest, 2019
Switzerland – Shiiink! 2019
Austalia – Improvention, Canberra, 2018
Hungary – Momentan Tarsulat, Budapest, 2018
Israel – Lamabati, Tel-Aviv, 2018
France – l’Improvidence, Lyon, 2018
Russia – RIIF, St-Petrsbourg, 2018
Romania – Neverending Festival, Bucarest, 2018
France – Improvidence International Festival, Lyon, 2018
France – La Semaine de l’Impro, Nancy, 2018
Sweden – Swimp, Uppsala, 2018
Russia – RIIF, St-Petrsbourg, 2017
UK – Slapdash, London, 2017
Estonia – TILT, Tallin, 2017
Italy – Impro Salento Festival, Galipolli, 2017
France – l’Improvidence, Lyon, 2017
Switzerland – Shiiiink!, Yverdon-Les Bains, 2017
Poland – Torun Improv Festival, 2017
Romania – Euro Comedy, Bucarest, 2017
Iceland – Improv Iceland Festival, Reykjavik, 2017
Sweden – Swimp, Uppsala, 2017
Italy – Istantaneo, Torino, 2016
Ireland- Improvfest Ireland, Dublin, 2016
Latvia – International Improv Festival, Riga, 2016
Switzerland- Spunk International improvFestival, Zurich, 2016
Romania – Improvacanta, Bucarest, 2016
Greece -Mount Olymprov, Athens 2016.
France – Semaine de l’Impro, Nancy 2016
United Arab Emirates – Onion Trickle, Dubai 2016
Netherlands –  IMPRO Festival, Amsterdam 2016.
France – FéRiiR – Festival Rigolo et International d’improvisation de la Réunion 2015.
Ireland  – Improvfest Ireland , Dublin 2015
Finland – F.I.I.F., Tampere 2015.
Denmark – Copenhagen International Improv  Festival,2014/2015.
Spain – The BIG IF, Barcelona 2013/ 2014/2015
Germany – International Improv Festival, Wurzburg 2014
Turkey –  International Improv Festival, Istanbul 2013
Canada – Open de la Lui, Québec 2013
France – Semaine de l’impro, Nancy, 2012
Belgium – International Improv Festival, Leuven 2008

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